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fullnessofmidlife's podcast

Jan 4, 2021

Dr Barb speaks with return guest, Michelle Shaw about James Nestor's book: Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art. She also leads us in a mindfulness breath practice. 

Jan 4, 2021

Join yoga instructor and friend of the podcast Michelle Shaw in an intentional breathing practice. 

Dec 14, 2020

 Musician, writer and meditation teacher Jessica Zambri of StudioBE leads us in a mindfulness practice that helps us cultivate and presence. 

Nov 23, 2020

Ground yourself in love with this mindfulness practice from friend, Barbara Biziou

Nov 3, 2020

I’ve talked about mindfulness often as a way to reduce stress and anxiety that can interfere with intimacy--but also with our overall health and happiness. We thought making some resources available, approaching mindfulness from different points of view, could be helpful to women as they navigate this season.